Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mission Statement

You've arrived at the Philosophy 14 blog, which means that you are either a student or a philosophical corespondent. It's hard to believe strangers to the Philosophy 14 community will not stumble upon this page. The one request is that you maintain a high level of respect for the postings on this page. For the students, this is also an opportunity to post "response papers" that you would like to share with your peers. Other than these few requests I think the blog is as open a forum as possible, without jeopardizing the main purpose of the blog.

The sole function of this blog is to continue course discussion and maintain the dialogue outside the classroom. My role will be to post some of the questions that come to mind while reading the material, and to continue and reshape the classroom lectures. The chain of events should ideally proceed as follows: I'll post a philosophical question or follow up on a lecture. A fellow blogger will post a continuation of this line of thought, which will then be commented upon by members of the Philosophy 14 community.

That being said, let's begin this dialogue. There is nothing left to do but write, write, write....

Frank A. Sicoli

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